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Commercial Vehicle Cover Showcase

Commercial Vehicle & Courier Cover

Granite Underwriting specialises in non-standard cover for commercial vehicles, actively seeking to compete in areas that are often not supported by traditional insurers. Our appeal benefits greatly from our ability to assess each risk on its own terms. Our policies are underwritten on a bespoke basis, with each risk being evaluated on its individual merits. This means that, not only do we assess standard risk in this area, but we have the facility to consider those of a non-standard nature. This includes drivers who may have:

  • Motoring convictions.
  • Criminal convictions.
  • Been refused, cancelled or voided in the past.

We have an enthusiastic, dedicated team who provide our ever-growing broker panel with efficient turnaround of quotations and adjustments. We boast an approach that is both friendly and proactive to all queries, as well as a deep knowledge of the product itself.

Courier Insurance

Granite also offers specific courier insurance for vans of 3 to 3.5 tonnes, as well as car derived vans used for the carriage of goods for hire & reward. We also specialise in non-standard cover for courier vehicles, as detailed above. The courier department specialises in the following:

  • Multi-drop deliveries per day.
  • Same day multi-drop deliveries.
  • Small to medium items such as parcels, etc.
  • Insured and up to three named drivers.(aged 25-65)
  • Haulage/removal trade is not considered.

BIBA 2019 is now only days away, and we are proud to say we will exhibiting for our second year on stand D69 at Manchester Central. Please come down and meet the team on the 15th & 16th of May; we’ll be more than happy to discuss all of our products with you in more detail.

Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

Private Car Cover Showcase

Specialist Private Car Cover

For over 30 years, we have been competing in areas that are not often supported by the traditional motor insurance market.

Granite Underwriting specifically covers non standard areas of private car insurance. These include:

  • Motoring Convictions
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Impounded Vehicles
  • Fast Food Delivery Driver / Courier
  • Previously Refused, Cancelled or Void
  • Adverse Risk Factors
  • Inexperienced Drivers
  • Short Period Cover
  • Concentrating purely on these non-standard areas of private car insurance has allowed us to develop specifically to cater to these niche fields. Through this development, we have been able to establish first-rate working relationships with brokers who represent these non-standard specialities. The proficiency and authenticity with which we deliver our service is our greatest asset, allowing us to maintain successful growth, as well as further progressing our existing relationships.

    We personally underwrite these private car policies to our own high standards; our pricing is tailored to each specific risk, enabling us to understand each one within its own context. The Granite private car team are always available to help when needed, making Granite Underwriting an attractive prospect for potential brokers, as well as a dependable insurance provider.

    Our experienced team is focused on flexible underwriting and a fast turnaround, to maximise our appeal. We have established highly competitive rates within the industry and make sure that we track the requirements which our clients/brokers will need.

    This will be our second year exhibiting at the BIBA conference, which we are very excited to be attending; please come and visit us on the 15th and 16th of May, stand D69, to discuss all of our exciting products with the team.

    Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

    Taxi Cover Showcase

    The Benefits of Granite Taxi Cover

    With over 30 years’ experience, we focus on public and private hire policies for hire and reward use. We offer a diverse range of policies, from 7-day terms to annual. We pride ourselves on having a strong working relationship with our brokers and, as such, we have helped them remain extremely competitive within the targeted market.

    Granite Underwriting specialises in the following type of taxi policy:

    • Private/Public Hire & Reward
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Settle Cars
    • Long/Short Term Rentals
    • Inexperienced Drivers

    Granite Taxi boasts an experienced group of underwriters, who individually assess each risk. This enables us to provide a reliable, personalised and efficient approach to your customers’ needs. Our demonstrable experience combined with proven market awareness enable us to deliver a rapid turnaround for each quotation. We underwrite all taxi policies to exacting criterion which when coupled with our own high standards, makes us an appealing proposition in the marketplace.

    With detailed product knowledge, our dedicated team work extremely closely with our brokers, maintaining the greatest degree of efficacy. The core focus of this is to continually improve our broker relationships, which in turn will help improve the retention of customers, as well as boosting the prospect of generating new business, month-on-month.

    To make the whole process easier, Granite Finance can provide assistance with any financial matters related to this; please visit the website to find out more.

    Granite Underwriting have been showcasing each of our specialist insurance products to coincide with the run-up to this year’s annual BIBA conference, being held in Manchester Central on the 15th and 16th of May. Please visit us on stand D69 where you can meet our team and discuss our specialist underwriting approach with us in more detail. Having attended for the first-time last year, we are anticipating BIBA 2019 to be another success for us we hope that you find the event as equally rewarding.

    Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

    Motor Trade Cover Showcase

    Road Risk or Combined Motor Trade Insurance

    In the weeks approaching BIBA 2019, Granite Underwriting are showcasing each of our specialist insurance products in turn. We are very excited to be exhibiting at BIBA again; please come and visit us on the 15th and 16th of May, where we’ll be present and ready to converse in more detail, on stand D69 at Manchester Central.

    This week, we’re taking a closer look at Granite’s Motor Trade Insurance, which specialises in the following:

    • New & Used Vehicle Sales
    • Valeting
    • Mechanical/Electrical
    • Collection & Delivery
    • Body Repairs
    • Recovery
    • Tyre Fitting

    We focus specifically on these areas of the motor trade market, giving us the ability to establish excellent working relationships with a large number of brokers. These range from those who deal with motor trade only, to those who consider a wider, more diverse range of insurance. The reliability and competence with which we deliver our service has long been our biggest strength, demonstrating why we’ve managed to maintain such strong relationships and continued to grow so effectively.

    Priding ourselves on our ability to maintain excellent relationships with both clients and brokers, we believe this is a key factor in upholding our positive retention figures. We offer both standard and non-standard motor trade policies to the market and our motor trade underwriting and administration team are centred on delivering first-rate service to our panel of brokers. Our service boasts:

    • A strong internal relationship with our claims department
    • Quick response-rates for all enquiries & mid-term adjustments
    • Expert knowledge of the motor trade insurance industry

    We underwrite all our policies to the highest standard, either personally or via our on-line proposition. The Granite Motor Trade team are always on hand to guide and to assist when needed, making Granite Underwriting an appealing and reliable insurance provider.

    We’ve established our rates as highly competitive in the market place, actively monitoring trends and requirements which our clients/brokers will need. The close relationship we have with our claims department ensures a swift, satisfactory outcome for all our clients.

    Motor Trade Policy – a Summary

    • Insured only driver, partnership or limited company
    • Age range of 25 to 69 years
    • 1 to 5 drivers
    • Pleasure use for spouse, common-law partners & business partners
    • Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire & Theft; or Third Party Only

    Our integrated finance service – Granite Finance – provide an extremely effective way of making any financial matters as hassle-free as possible. Please visit the website for further details or, of course, feel free to discuss in person at BIBA 2019.

    Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

    Household Cover Showcase

    Non-Standard Household & Landlord Cover

    Granite Underwriting are excited to say that we will be exhibiting at BIBA 2019 for our second year! In anticipation of this, we are showcasing each of our specialist areas of insurance. Here, we are demonstrating the unique benefits of Granite Household Insurance.

    Please come along and visit us at stand D69, on the 15th and 16th of May, where we’ll be happy to discuss our non-standard home insurance in person.

    One of the foremost benefits of our household policies is our 24 hour home emergency assistance. This is standard for most of our policies and covers up to £500 per claim (unfortunately, this does not apply to any unoccupied or holiday homes). We also provide No Claims Bonus protection as an optional extra, at 5 years NCB. This covers 2 claims in a 3 year period.

    We look to compete in areas that are not well supported by traditional household insurers. Our pricing and underwriting is of a bespoke nature, which enables us to understand each risk on its own merits. All quotes are underwritten by our experienced, knowledgeable underwriters, who will consider all types of complex risks.

    Granite Underwriting specialises in non-standard household and landlord risks, listed below:

    • High risk flood areas and previously flooded properties
    • Unoccupied properties – 3, 6 & 12 month policy terms
    • Extended periods of being unoccupied
    • History of subsidence
    • Working from home
    • Non-standard construction
    • Tenants’ contents
    • Residential landlord properties
    • Holiday homes – personal use (family & friends)
    • Weekday/weekend homes
    • Voided/refused insurance
    • Adverse claims history & open claims
    • CCJs/bankruptcy/convictions
    • Lodgers
    • Airbnb (when the client resides at the property
    • Motor Traders residential properties

    High Risk Flood

    Previously flooded properties, or properties that are in an area of high flood risk, will be considered. Our underwriters will look at each risk on an individual basis.


    Most insurers will refuse properties that have suffered subsidence or have previously been underpinned. At Granite Underwriting, each risk is assessed and underwritten on an individual basis; our experienced underwriters will access any documents relating to movement and offer competitive terms.

    Unoccupied Properties

    We can rate for all circumstances that lead to a property being unoccupied, whether that’s probate, extended holidays or renovation. We also offer 3 levels of cover, so you can decide what best suits the needs of your client.

    Residential Landlord

    In an active response to brokers needs in the sharing economy, Granite Underwriting now cover residential landlord properties. Our policy is built to cover all your non-standard risks such as subsidence, flood, non-standard construction or refused/voided policies and continues to include home emergency cover as standard within the landlord policy

    Motor Traders Residential Property

    Finding home insurance for a Motor Trader who works from home can prove difficult; if they have no more than 5 cars at the home at any one-time, Granite can cover that risk.

    Non-Standard Home Insurance

    There are a number of personal conditions which could result in cover being refused by most insurers. These include voided insurance, adverse claims history, open claims, CCJs, bankruptcy and convictions. Our underwriters will always assess these and try to provide adequate cover with reasonable terms and rates.


    We can extend your client’s needs to letting a room out to a paying guest, while the client resides at the property at all times.

    Granite Finance provides finance solutions for Granite Underwriting clients, making the whole payment process as straightforward as possible. Please visit the website for more information.

    Granite Household Insurance | BIBA 2019

    Fleet Cover Showcase

    Fleet Insurance Strengths & Objectives

    With Biba 2019 fast approaching, Granite Underwriting are turning the spotlight on each of our specialist insurance products. The first area we’re highlighting is our bespoke fleet insurance. Here, we’ll provide some insight into the specifics of our fleet cover. Come and visit us on the 15th & 16th of May, on stand D69 – we’d be delighted to discuss any of these potential benefits with you further.

    Granite Underwriting Fleet Insurance specialises in the following type of fleet:

    • Private/Public Hire & Reward
    • Courier
    • Commercial Vehicle
    • Credit Hire
    • Self-Drive Hire

    By giving special consideration to these areas of the fleet market, it has enabled us to establish good working relationships with our current panel of 100+ brokers. These range from nationwide, fleet-only brokers, to those who consider a variety of different insurance products. We provide a consistent and efficient delivery of service to all our brokers/clients, as we believe these are the crucial qualities needed, not only to maintain the strong relationships we already have, but to also continue the positive growth we’ve experienced over recent years.

    We are pro-active in attempting to create the rapport needed to maintain a strong relationship between brokers and clients. We offer a strong approach at the negotiating stage for fleet risks, as well as boasting designated administration/claims teams, who continue to deliver efficient, consistent and accurate performance throughout policy terms. This approach has proved vital to developing our hugely positive retention figures in an ever-changing fleet market.

    Core focus has been placed on the following areas:

    • Fast, efficient quotation & mid-term adjustment turnaround times.
    • Deep knowledge of the fleet insurance market.
    • Polite & Responsive approach to all queries.
    • Flexible working patterns to suit all broker & client need.

    All motor fleet risks are individually underwritten by our dedicated underwriters, to ensure that our high levels of service are upheld. We believe this gives us the edge and makes Granite Underwriting an appealing and reliable insurance provider. Our underwriting approach is also considered agile and responsive by our client base: we have consistently shown the ability to react early to ever-changing market conditions within short time-frames.

    By taking the above approaches, we have established a fleet product which enjoys high retention figures and continuous growth – year-on-year – as well as successfully demonstrating the ability to provide a reliable and trustworthy service for all our clients.

    Granite’s fleet cover also provides payment options through our integrated finance service: Granite Finance. Using this interconnected facility makes the processing of all payments easier for all involved, simplifying the procedure and adding security for both brokers and clients.

    Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

    BIBA 2019

    Granite Underwriting Heads to BIBA 2019

    Looking Forward to BIBA 2019 – Granite’s Second Year Exhibiting

    Granite Underwriting are proud to say we’ll be returning as exhibitors to BIBA 2019. This year, the annual BIBA conference and exhibition is being held at Manchester Central on the 15th and 16th of May. After thoroughly enjoying our first year as exhibitors at BIBA 2018, we are very much looking forward to returning to stand D69 and meeting up with all of our friends within the industry. We’re also excited to forge new relationships and create new contacts!

    Our presence at BIBA last year proved to be hugely successful for Granite Underwriting, so we are very happy to say we’ll be making another appearance. The BIBA Conference and Exhibition is the largest of the UK insurance trade shows, with over 5000 registered brokers being in attendance at last year’s event! The annual exhibition is an established, invaluable resource for generating new contacts, as well as strengthening existing partnerships. This year the theme is entitled ‘Leading the Way’, and will reflect the changing times we live in and how this continues to influence the insurance industry.

    So, if you’re planning on attending this year, why not pay us a visit at stand D69 – we’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss our goals, achievements and future-aims in more detail. Please visit the BIBA 2019 website for more information about the event.

    Granite Underwriting BIBA 2019

    Non-Standard Landlord Home Insurance

    In response to the needs of customers in the sharing economy, Granite Underwriting Home Insurance policies now cover residential landlord properties.

    Our policy is built to cover all your non-standard risks such as subsidence, flood, non-standard construction or refused/voided policies and continues to include home emergency cover as standard within the landlord policy.

    As always, there are terms & conditions – for more details contact Clair Wellard and the team on 0330 331 0758, or email

    Our landlord policies also cover:

    • Previous insurance policy voided, cancelled, refused or declined.
    • Adverse claims history
    • Property subsidence (movement or ‘underpinned’)
    • Criminal convictions or poor credit history – CCJs & bankruptcy
    • Flood areas
    • Non-standard construction
    Unlock Landlord Cover - Key Image

    Home Insurance – New Host Cover Extension

    In response to the needs of customers in the sharing economy, Granite Underwriting Home policies now have an optional extension: for a small additional charge, the annual policy can be extended to include hosting cover. This is useful for the customer who lives in the property and rents out a room in their home on AirBnB, or a parking space on their driveway. Our home insurance policy can now be extended to cover cases such as these, and continues to include Home Emergency cover as standard. As always there are terms and conditions – for more details please contact Clair Wellard and the team.

    Home Insurance - Host Cover Extension

    We will also be happy to chat through any of our other flexible, bespoke Non-Standard Home Insurance schemes, which can cover:

    • Previous Policy Voided, Cancelled or Declined insurance
    • Previous Claims History, including Subsidence
    • Criminal Convictions or Poor Credit History – CCJ’s and Bankruptcy
    • Hosting Cover – annual policies that cover paying guests who stay or rent parking space at the property, as long as the customer is actually living at the property (such as AirBnB,,
    • Paying Lodgers
    • Business Use from home, such as:
      • Child Minding
      • Massage Therapist
      • Home Retailer
      • Teachers
      • Dog Grooming
      • Florists
      • Hair/Beauty
      • Medical Therapists
      • Dentists
    • Unoccupied – 3, 6 or 12 months and Holiday Homes for personal use
    • Flood Areas
    • Non-standard construction (other than thatch)
    • Extended cover for:
      • Scuba diving equipment
      • Guns
      • Electric wheelchairs & mobility scooter
      • Golf buggy
      • Gardeins open to the public
      • Hot tubs, jacuzzi & spa’s
      • Musical instruments
      • Marquees


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