Have you considered if fast food delivery is still a growing industry following the pandemic? Recent reports indicate that the global online food delivery services market is expected to grow from £94.11 billion in 2021 to £103.9 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5%. The market expects to grow to £127.19 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6%. Indeed, in the UK alone following the pandemic, the market value is likely to exceed the 2019 value and reach £13.3 billion, with this increasing to £14.6 billion by 2025. Traditional fast food delivery expects to see the largest share growth.

As a specialist underwriter of niche and non-standard fast food delivery insurance, we at Granite Underwriting understand what a potentially rewarding opportunity this presents as a broker. As we return to normal following the pandemic, we can expect to see fast food delivery look increasingly appealing as a career to potential drivers. With this in mind, we have looked at the benefits of including fast food insurance as part of your product offering.


Fast food delivery insurance: Top 3 UK companies covered!

With our fast food delivery insurance product, your customers can insure their own vehicles to make deliveries for the top 3 UK fast food delivery companies. These include:

Uber Eats has successfully expanded and diversified its service offering to include non-food products. Internationally, Uber Eats is the most popular food delivery service, with over 66 million users. Uber Eats commands 29% of the global food delivery market and is accessible in 6,000 cities worldwide, with 600,000 supported restaurants.

Just Eat has purchased competitors during the pandemic to become one of the largest food delivery companies outside of China. Results for the first quarter of the year highlight that the demand for fast food delivery shows no signs of slowing down. Interestingly, more than 33% of recent deliveries are via Just Eat as they have more individual brand restaurants where consumers are looking to eat more locally.

Deliveroo has expanded in recent years to most of Western Europe and Hong Kong. It also operates in Australia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. Deliveroo generated £1.8 billion in revenue in 2021, a 50% year-on-year increase. Furthermore, Deliveroo reduced its net loss in 2020, from £317 million in 2019 to £223 million in 2020, and has over 8 million users, mostly in the UK.


Is fast food delivery still popular?

Since our earlier blog on the subject, and as we gradually return to normal following COVID-19, the fast food and restaurant industry has learned to embrace technology effectively with positive results. Using apps, third-party, and direct online orders the flexible new approach is contributing to the improvement and development of the food delivery industry. Forecasters predict by the end of 2022, the industry will reach £710 billion in sales.

Other factors to consider include an 18% rise in casual dining brands and 66% of UK bakeries, cafes, and sandwich shops now offering convenient home delivery. Coupled with the growing working from home culture, this presents an opportunity for lunchtime fast food delivery that came about as a direct result of the pandemic. The continued success of bespoke, freshly prepared meal kits, restaurant courier services, and active steps within the industry to reduce food waste following the pandemic all contribute to its continued success and popularity.


Fast food delivery underwriters with over 40 years experience

Granite Underwriting has been a specialist underwriter of niche and non-standard motor insurance since 1982. Drivers legally require fast food delivery insurance if they are using their own for the purposes of delivering food. Thankfully, our multidrop, unlimited radius Fast Food policy provides cover for Courier and Private Cars for drivers above age 21.

Given the specialist nature of the policies we underwrite, where the vehicle is the customer’s livelihood, we understand the need for a quality insurer partner with a premier claims service. Therefore, Haven Insurance Company Limited underwrites all our policies on an exclusive basis.


Seize this appetizing opportunity today!

We like to provide the level of service that we would expect to receive ourselves. This means our services include:

  • Flexible Underwriting: a dedicated and experienced team who underwrites each risk
  • Online Portal: for easy risk submission and issuing cover
  • Reliability: providing a consistent approach to underwriting and rating
  • Net Rated quotations: most of our schemes are Net Rated and allow you to control your earnings

Granite Underwriting is here to satisfy your craving for wider product offering opportunities! Call 0345 092 0701 or click “Get a Quote” now to discuss your requirements.





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