In response to the needs of customers in the sharing economy, Granite Underwriting Home policies now have an optional extension: for a small additional charge, the annual policy can be extended to include hosting cover. This is useful for the customer who lives in the property and rents out a room in their home on AirBnB, or a parking space on their driveway. Our home insurance policy can now be extended to cover cases such as these, and continues to include Home Emergency cover as standard. As always there are terms and conditions – for more details please contact Clair Wellard and the team.

Home Insurance - Host Cover Extension

We will also be happy to chat through any of our other flexible, bespoke Non-Standard Home Insurance schemes, which can cover:

  • Previous Policy Voided, Cancelled or Declined insurance
  • Previous Claims History, including Subsidence
  • Criminal Convictions or Poor Credit History – CCJ’s and Bankruptcy
  • Hosting Cover – annual policies that cover paying guests who stay or rent parking space at the property, as long as the customer is actually living at the property (such as AirBnB,,
  • Paying Lodgers
  • Business Use from home, such as:
    • Child Minding
    • Massage Therapist
    • Home Retailer
    • Teachers
    • Dog Grooming
    • Florists
    • Hair/Beauty
    • Medical Therapists
    • Dentists
  • Unoccupied – 3, 6 or 12 months and Holiday Homes for personal use
  • Flood Areas
  • Non-standard construction (other than thatch)
  • Extended cover for:
    • Scuba diving equipment
    • Guns
    • Electric wheelchairs & mobility scooter
    • Golf buggy
    • Gardeins open to the public
    • Hot tubs, jacuzzi & spa’s
    • Musical instruments
    • Marquees