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Daniel Lowis

Daniel Lowis

Broker Agency & Development Manager

Primary Responsibilities

My role is to service and develop our agents to maximise opportunities for Granite underwriting and the wider group. I am often the go-between for our colleagues within Granite Underwriting and our agents.

Personal Background

Married with one human child and one furry child. Keen on and participate in a number of sports including Football, Boxing, Hockey and Skiing and can often be found up and down the Motorways on a Saturday following my beloved Bolton Wanderers.

Employment History

Spent my entire working life in Insurance with carriers and brokers. I have been with Granite Underwriting since 2012 and have seen the company grow exponentially and have enjoyed being a part of that success.

What Granite Underwriting means to you & your ambitions for the company

Granite Underwriting has been home for me since 2012; it has been a real journey taking part and following the company on the trail it is on. In that time we have regularly featured in the Insurance Times Top 50 reports, as well as been recognised as one of the key groups within our sector of non-standard motor insurance. My ambition for the company is to keep growing in a profitable manner so that the company can move forward and enjoy the success that it deserves.

Biggest milestone over the next 12 months

The biggest milestone we hope to achieve over the next 12/24/36 months is to continue to see the group write profitable business and being any brokers preferred partner of choice.